Virtual Residential Services (Residential Diversion)

EMS’s Virtual Residential Program, also known as Residential Diversion, was created to provide youth, families, schools, and communities with an alternative to out-of-home placements and to facilitate the successful “step-down” of a youth following residential placements or psychiatric hospitalizations. This service is typically funded by CSA (FAPT), but can also be paid through self-pay at a rate of $95 per hour for 1 staff member at a time, or $200 per hour for 2 staff members at a time. The Virtual Residential Service is provided from 10-40 hours per week on average, and offers flexibility within that range given the specific need.

Virtual Residential Services (VRS) are designed with the client in mind, and can be tailored to meet individual and family needs. Since EMS of Virginia has a wide range of Qualified Mental Health Professionals on the team, we are able to select a match of provider with the identified need(s). Such needs may include behavioral intervention, mentoring, 1-1 aide, parent coaching, case management and care coordination, or a host of other targeted interventions to meet the overall goal of keeping the child in the home setting and reducing the need for out-of-home placement or hospitalization.

If you are interested in this service, please fill out our referral form, or call us at (804) 332-5696 to speak with someone directly. Feel free to also send us an email at with any questions.